Our Team, DAO & Dao Lama

This exciting merger of technology and skill sets is driven by a shared desire to democratize digital assets for all. Meet the power-packed, experienced leadership team at Bamboo Asset Management.




The community, and the DAO!

By far the most important, critical, and integral part of the entire organization, is YOU! Without our community´s support and your dedication to being part of a cutting-edge ecosystem, none of this would be possible. We continue to thrive and flourish in the toughest of times because we will strive to have the best DAO in the Metaverse.



Wise Advisor

Dao Lama is the wise advisor we come to for information on Web3, blockchain technology, and the Metaverse! With all the knowledge at his disposal, we aim to work with him to see Bamboo soar over time to new heights! "I grow no smarter, wiser, or braver than my community. Therefore, I grow when my community does."Like any other innovation out there, it´s important to focus on education and empathy and to make sure that everyone gets a chance to play in this new space and experience the wonderment that Web3 hopes to bring. From emerging technologies in VR/AR/AI, blockchain, new types of cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, all the way to new types of markets, devices, and experiences, Bamboo aims to be at the forefront of all of that, and Dao Lama will take you by the hand and guide you into this new world.



CEO & Co-Founder

Adam has over 30 years of experience across various industries and roles, in business, technology, and consulting. He also has a deep understanding of Web3 from the consumer´s point of view, which makes him ideally suited to develop a digital assets mobile platform and advise clients in the emerging digital and decentralized age. He has been involved in Digital Assets since the early days of bitcoin and founded Bamboo Asset Management in July 2021. Adam believes that Bamboo´s ecosystem will create an immersive and user-friendly user experience, assist in building wealth, create a more profound social engagement, and leave behind a wold that is a better place...



CMO & CoFounder

Gagan has gained industry-wide recognition as the Founder of the award-winning creative agency We Are Guru. Gagan is also a long-time blockchain sector investor and Co-Chairman of Social Venture Circle.



Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

Gene has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry ranging across FinTech, Crypto, Defi, Blockchain, and Banking. His former roles include crypto compliance visionary at PWC, Chief Compliance Officer at PayPal & American Express.



Co-Founder & Mobile Lead

Marc is a full-stack developer and one of the top React Native coders in the world. His agency Margelo works with clients such as Shopify, Showtime, Coinbase, and others. Marc and his team are helping build the Bamboo Digital Platform from the ground up.



Social Good Advisory Board

Rose is the social goods advisor CEO/Chief Visionary Officer of Green Retirement, Inc, and is passionate about helping build Bamboo into an organization that uses blockchain technology for good. She serves as the chair of the Social Good Advisory Board for Bamboo Asset Management.



Founders Associate

Aimee has 10 years of experience in financial services, working as a broker-dealer, investment manager, registered investment advisor, and health insurance provider. She has been active in digital assets since watching the rise (and fall) of MtGox and is passionate about the real-world impact of smart contracts and Web 3.



Creative Director

Baha is a creative thinker with extended experience in creative production and design. Awarded Epica, Golden Drum, and Eurobest; he then started a lifestyle brand in the UK and an underground creative agency in Istanbul and sailed the Atlantic Ocean. Baha is passionate about design and he thinks that "brands are superhuman". Baha is a firm believer in the power of digital assets and decentralization and loves pandas!



Crypto-Marketing Consultant

Aryan is an upcoming technology professional attending the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University majoring in Information Systems, Business Analytics, and Professional Sales, in addition to minoring in Philosophy. He´s had the opportunity to intern at other companies, and now enjoys working at Guru and Bamboo, and hopes to enter different niches and find ways to implement blockchain or Web3 technologies. In his free time, you´ll find him working with awesome brands, boxing, or reading a really great book!



Legal Team Lead

Jamie has owned and operated successful businesses for more than 15 years. He previously practiced law at two major law firms in New York City. He received his law degree from Hofstra University School of Law in 2000 and a Master of Law from New York University in 2001. Jamie has been a blockchain sector investor since 2020.



Managing Consultant

Tina has experience in the consulting industry empowering organizations to accelerate decision-making and improve capabilities through business agility. She leverages a variety of concepts to drive adoption at scale. Tina also is an investor and has a burning passion for Web3 and NFTs.



NFT Consultant

Ian is a Chartered Financial Analyst with a background in quantitative analysis and investments. He started applying his experience in finding mispriced instruments to the crypto market in 2016 as well as DEFI and NFTs when these became available. Ian is currently a core team member in 2 NFT projects living on Ethereum and Cardano respectively and holds an advisory role on several others.